CNC Division

Our CNC division has a variety of special equipment including a Cat 50 horizontal mill with pallet changer with a capacity of 28 x 28 x 19 deep and a large Cat 50 vertical mill with a capacity of 29 x 38 x 17 deep.  On the lathe side, we have a large capacity

Screw Machine Shop

In November 2015, we proudly welcomed Second Operations Specialist (SOS) into the Wildcat Family to forge a new, full service screw machine division called Wildcat Screw Machine.  WSM can produce high volume orders in sizes up to an inch and an eighth diameter parts with an average lead time of 4 weeks.

3D Printing Division

In 2017, we started a 3D printing division that specializes in prototyping and fixturing.  In 2018 we will go into production.

Manual Division

We have a wide range of manual mills and lathes in various dimensions ready for production.  When utilized in conjuction with our other high production equipment, these machines can greatly reduce the machining times.

Welding & Fabrication Division

Our welding area is manned fulltime by someone who is knowledgeable and fully certified who can work with our customers to achieve the quality they need. This area is equipped at all times and specific and or unusual needs can be met with prior notice.